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Cosmopolitan. Brooklyn-based indie game developer best known for Semantle.
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novalis honked 30 May 2024 00:29 +0000

Went to a public neighborhood meeting. Some neighbors want to landmark my house and 439 other buildings. I took a photo of their proposed district, which they wanted to keep secret so developers don't build housing before they can block it. After I took this photo they asked me to leave the meeting. So if you know any housing developers, please share this map of the Crown Heights Neighborhood Association Proposed Phase IV

A slide titled "Our Proposed Phase IV". Bullet points are: * Connects two important areas: St Marks Ave, especially between Nostrand and Rogers - George Pool Chapel District * St Francis and St Charles between St Johns and Lincol - The Saints District * Will focus our RFE on these areas with hope that one or both are selected.  There's also a map -- I've Google Mapsified it in the post below, but it is roughly the area between Franklin Ave and Bedford Ave, Lincoln Pl to the N side of St Marks Pl, plus an excursion or two.