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Things happen.

novalis honked 22 Nov 2023 14:42 +0000

This is a spoiler for Amongst Our Weapons. But in some sense it is an anti-spoiler (in that I think reading it will make your experience of the book better rather than worse, and in that it does not reveal any plot points but rather the absence of a specific plot point):

Gur anzr "Lhgnav" sbe n zrzore bs gur Fbaf bs Jnlynaq jnf n zvfgnxr: V fcrag gur ragver obbx guvaxvat, "Bu, guvf vf Yrfyrl orvat gbb pyrire naq znxvat n Jnlynaq-Lhgnav wbxr", jura va snpg vg jnf Ora Nnebabivgpu orvat gbb pyrire. Yvxr, vs vg jrer na va-havirefr snxrbhg, gung jbhyq or ernfbanoyr. Ohg vg'f npghnyyl whfg gur nhgube orvat gbb pyrire.